Wednesday, April 2, 2008

11 Month Old Baby


- Can say one recognizable word. Example: Papa, Mama

- Walks when supported with one hand.

- Likes to play clapping games. Example: Pat-a-cake, Pok-amai-amai

- Curious about things around the house.

- Like to put things into and taking them out of the containers.

- Imitates simple actions such as waving: “bye bye”

Suggested activities:

- Teach him to drink from feeding cup.

- While holding on to a mobile steady object (Example: Push cart), encourage him to stand and walk.

- Teach him to imitate simple actions, for example: “Touch you nose”, “Reach for the sky”, “Clap your hands”, etc.

- Demonstrate cause and effect. Example: Stack a column of blocks and knock them down saying “All fall down”

- Encourage him to stack big or small cubes of plastic containers.

Monday, March 31, 2008

10 Month Old Baby


- Tries to pick up small things.

- Likes to poke fingers into holes.

- Walks by holding onto furniture.

- Crawls on hands and knees.

- Gives affection, returns kiss or hugs.

- Shakes his head to indicate “NO”

- He can change positions from sitting to lying down and vice versa.

Suggested activities:

- Play games and sing songs with actions.

- Show him how to put in and take out small objects from a container.

- Let him pick up toys. When he lets go, encourage him to pick up the toy again.

- Set aside a quiet time each day such as bedtime for reading by choosing a soft baby books with large bright illustrations.

- Put your baby on his hands and knees and sit a short distance away. Encourage him to come to you by calling his name. For each achievement, reward him with a hug.

- Encourage him to throw a soft ball.

Friday, March 28, 2008

9 Month Old Baby


- He picks up small things with all his fingers.

- He can sit unsupported, lean forward or sideways and stay balanced.

- He claps his hand in imitation.

- By holding onto something firm, he tries to pull himself up to stand.

- He begins to be shy and afraid of strangers.

Suggested activities:

- Show him books with colorful pictures of animal, common household objects and etc.

- Play pointing games and ask questions like “Where is papa?” or “Where is mama?”

- By holding onto stable pieces of furniture, you are encouraging him to stand.

- Show your baby how to stack different colored blocks of the same size.

- Impress day to day routines like meal time, bedtime on your baby. For example, when you are feeding him, tell him “It’s lunch time”, what he is eating “Your favorite porridge”, etc.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

8 Month Old Baby


- Stretches out and reaches for toys out of reach.

- Looks around for a dropped toy.

- Rolls over and sits up with good control.

- Can play with two toys at a time.

- Begins to understand the meaning of words and knows what “NO” means.

- Babbles repetitively syllables, example: “MAMA”, “GAGA”, “BABA”, “DADA” and etc.

- Pulls string to get a toy.

Suggested activities:

- Put a small piece of cloth over his face and praise him when he removes it.

- Play water games during bath time.

- Give him non-breakable plastic jars and cups that he can use to pour, empty and fill.

- To encourage him to turn sideways, place a toy to the side or behind while he is sitting.

- To encourage him to point to a picture, show pictures of common objects.

- Reach your arms out to him and sit a short distance away from your baby. Offer a toy that he likes to encourage him to come to you by calling his name. (to motivate him to crawl or creek)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

7 Month Old Baby


- An object can be transferred easily from one hand to the other.

- He bites and chews toys or biscuits.

- When held standing, he likes to bounce on his both feet.

- He is able to creep (pull him self forward by moving his arm together and dragging his legs and stomach along the floor)

Suggested activities:

- Introduce colorful pictures.

- Repeat all sounds that your baby makes like “ba”, “da”, “ma” and etc. Make new sounds and wait for him to response.

- Encourage your baby to stand by support.

- Offer your child some toys just out of reach to get him to reach out while he is lying down or seated.

- To gain a concept of self, show your baby of his reflection in a mirror and say his name.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

6 Month Old Baby


- Turns over from his stomach to his back.

- Sits without support momentarily.

- Responds to his name

- He can pick up an object or toy and drop it involuntarily.

- Shakes and bangs toys.

- Put his weight on his forearms and lift his head and chest up when lying on his stomach.

Suggested activities:

- Give him baby biscuit or finger rusk which is easy to grasp and feed by him self.

- Encourage him to search for a toy by dropping it.

- Take him for outdoor walks and show him the plants, trees, birds and etc.

- Show him how to pass a toy from one hand to the other.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

5 Month Old Baby


- He puts everything in his mouth.

- He has a good head control by now.

- He likes to pull his feet up and plays with his toes.

- He reacts appropriately to a smiling or angry face, and to a happy or angry voice.

- By living forward on his hands, he can sit with support momentarily.

- To attract your attention, he will move his arms or legs.

Suggested activities:

- Put a small object in his hand, then open his fingers and let it drop.

- Use his name whenever you can.

- Hold his feet and make gentle cycling movements when he is lying on his back.

- Make his bath time enjoyable with bath toys.

- By playing touching games, you can encourage his physical contact.

- To encourage your child to search for your face and voice, play “chak” or “peek-a-boo”.