Monday, October 29, 2007

Baby’s First Month

- Neck - Baby’s neck is the most important part that has less support. Every time you carry, make sure your palm supports baby’s head. If anything goes wrong, it can be fatal or permanent disorder for baby.

- Navel – Always clean with wet tissue and keep it dry. It might take a few days to fall off the remaining attachment on navel.

- Powder – Always change diapers and use ant rash cream together with baby powder. Usually, if the baby cries, either hungry or pampers is wet or defecated.

- Jaundice – 90% of the new born baby is likely having Jaundice or “Penyakit Kuning”. You can get Chinese medicine to bath your baby and within 4 days it is gone. Or, you can put your baby under early morning sun… once get heat, move him away. You can also go to any private hospital and put under heater and the charge is around RM20-50 per day only. You can feed your baby with goat’s milk too, around 2-3 spoon a day will help reduce Jaundice. If 1-2 ounce of fresh goats milk a day for 3-4 days will completely remove Jaundice as well.

- Always clean your baby. At least once a day must bath him.

- Feed every 3-4 hour once of 2-3 ounce of milk. Try to combine your servings with formulated milk, mother’s milk, cow’s milk and goat’s milk. The best recommended is breast milk and formulated milk.

- Try to avoid giving sugar drinks or dextrose (most commonly known as “Glucose”)

- Parent’s won’t have enough sleep at night. It is best to take one month break from your work.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

After Baby Delivery Diet and Prohibition / “Pantang”

- Don’t take vegetables

- Don’t take seafood that is itchy such as crabs, prawns, squids, etc.

- Don’t drink a lot of water

- Don’t stay below fan or in air-conditioned room for long.

- Don’t eat any canned food, carbonate drinks, caffeine,

- Don’t keep your breast milk

- Breastfeed the baby 6-7 times a day. Even the milk is not coming, just try to make the baby familiar.

- Use breast pump if your baby not good in sucking.

- If you can’t breastfeed, just pump out the breast milk always and throw.

- Keep you body warm

- Wear 2-3 layer of shirts and in long pants or “sarung” always.

- Wear socks and shoe in the house or anywhere outside.

- Avoid going outside for at least 40 days

- Don’t get wet in the rain

- Take bath in hot shower

- Walk averagely. Don’t walk too much or doesn’t walk at all

- Eat ‘Haruan” fish for faster healing,

- Eat “Yu” fish for more breast milk yield,

- Eat “Ayam Kampung” with a lot of ginger and garlic for gas disposal.

- Other fish that you can eat – “Bawal Putih”, “Siakap” and “Senangin”

- Drink 1 unit Essence Of Chicken and Essence Of Haruan every alternate days to cure the wound faster.

- Drink 2 glass of milk everyday to give more breast milk for your baby.

- After 2 weeks of delivery, drink 2-3 tablespoon of DOM everyday for faster cure

- After 2 weeks, start wearing “Barut” to get slim faster

- The most important thing is, take good rest, breast feed the baby and stay warm.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

NeurogainPB Good For Baby Brain and Eyes

During pregnancy, every women should take NueroGainPB which contain Natural DHA, EPA, AA, QA concentrated 500mg per capsule.

Fish is a very important source while pregnant. Why Europeans are smart? During pregnancy they eat a lot of fish. Most of us don't have this chance because it is expensive or not fresh. Why not take this supplement to ease fish intake. You should also drink a lot of milk and water. The protein supplements should be higher too.

One of my friend took this capsules and their baby look more alert and her eyes wide open. During pregnancy, we are not allowed to take any supplements or medications. But, this is specially for pregnant womens. I tried too, but I have started taking this supplement only on 4th month of pregnancy, because no one told me about it. My baby's also looks more alert.

Thanks to NeurogainPB. You can get this capsules easily at any local pharmacy, not only the chain pharmacy but any will have this too. The price range is RM50-RM60 for one month supply. This is for your child's future, why not try?

Prepare our child from womb for his battle against the world.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I just gave birth to my first baby

As of today's date my baby boy is 3 days old. He weigh at 2.70kg because I am 3 weeks earlier than the due date. My baby is one of the smallest baby among all the babies in the hospital. The same day, one baby was 4.25kg.

I gone trough normal delivery and the charges comes to RM1700 in Lam Wah Ee hospital. Was admitted for 3 days 2 nights. Guess what, my baby got dimple. He looks exactly like his father. We are still thinking on the name.

I will share my mistakes and plus points that every pregnant women should know. As I am a nursing mother now, I got long way to go. So many new things need to learn. Will share this stories as well here. I am in 40 days "pantang" now.

I will share the experiences on "pantang" days soon as well.

Happy parenting.