Saturday, October 27, 2007

After Baby Delivery Diet and Prohibition / “Pantang”

- Don’t take vegetables

- Don’t take seafood that is itchy such as crabs, prawns, squids, etc.

- Don’t drink a lot of water

- Don’t stay below fan or in air-conditioned room for long.

- Don’t eat any canned food, carbonate drinks, caffeine,

- Don’t keep your breast milk

- Breastfeed the baby 6-7 times a day. Even the milk is not coming, just try to make the baby familiar.

- Use breast pump if your baby not good in sucking.

- If you can’t breastfeed, just pump out the breast milk always and throw.

- Keep you body warm

- Wear 2-3 layer of shirts and in long pants or “sarung” always.

- Wear socks and shoe in the house or anywhere outside.

- Avoid going outside for at least 40 days

- Don’t get wet in the rain

- Take bath in hot shower

- Walk averagely. Don’t walk too much or doesn’t walk at all

- Eat ‘Haruan” fish for faster healing,

- Eat “Yu” fish for more breast milk yield,

- Eat “Ayam Kampung” with a lot of ginger and garlic for gas disposal.

- Other fish that you can eat – “Bawal Putih”, “Siakap” and “Senangin”

- Drink 1 unit Essence Of Chicken and Essence Of Haruan every alternate days to cure the wound faster.

- Drink 2 glass of milk everyday to give more breast milk for your baby.

- After 2 weeks of delivery, drink 2-3 tablespoon of DOM everyday for faster cure

- After 2 weeks, start wearing “Barut” to get slim faster

- The most important thing is, take good rest, breast feed the baby and stay warm.

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