Thursday, October 25, 2007

NeurogainPB Good For Baby Brain and Eyes

During pregnancy, every women should take NueroGainPB which contain Natural DHA, EPA, AA, QA concentrated 500mg per capsule.

Fish is a very important source while pregnant. Why Europeans are smart? During pregnancy they eat a lot of fish. Most of us don't have this chance because it is expensive or not fresh. Why not take this supplement to ease fish intake. You should also drink a lot of milk and water. The protein supplements should be higher too.

One of my friend took this capsules and their baby look more alert and her eyes wide open. During pregnancy, we are not allowed to take any supplements or medications. But, this is specially for pregnant womens. I tried too, but I have started taking this supplement only on 4th month of pregnancy, because no one told me about it. My baby's also looks more alert.

Thanks to NeurogainPB. You can get this capsules easily at any local pharmacy, not only the chain pharmacy but any will have this too. The price range is RM50-RM60 for one month supply. This is for your child's future, why not try?

Prepare our child from womb for his battle against the world.

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