Saturday, November 10, 2007

16 Pregnancy Preparation Guides

Here is the basic preparation guides:

1. Achieve your proper weight at least 3 months before your conceive. Overweight pregnant women are high risk to go Cesarean, high blood pressure and gestational diabetics. Underweight women hard to conceive and high risk of getting premature or lower weight group babies.

2. Start taking pre-natal vitamins. Stop all your daily multivitamins.

3. Exercise at moderate rate regularly before and after conceives.

4. Before taking any medications, consult your doctor.

5. Stop smoking and avoid smoking environments.

6. Stop alcohol

7. Have immune to rubella and chicken pox.

8. Keep record on fertility cycles.

9. Beware or avoid on any dietary supplement or herbs medicines.

10. Start taking Folic Acid 400-500mcg/per day.

11. Check Iron, Bone density, Cholesterol level and HIV status before.

12. Avoid hazardous chemicals

13. Don’t stress yourself

14. Dental check up for periodontal disease which risk to underweight baby.

15. Aware on your’s and the baby’s father blood group

16. Check on your insurance policies on maternity coverage

1 comment:

Alex G. said...

I especially like #13. Don't stress yourself. I guess some readers might get antsy after reading the first 12. I would add fix your teeth if you want to, because you won't be able to get near an x-ray machine for a long time.