Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekly Daddy’s Tips

Below are the tips for dads or planning to become dad.

I. Before Pregnancy – Quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol (together with your wife)

Week 1 – Give your wife a lot of hugs.

Week 2 – Give more hugs

Week 3 – Bring some flowers to wife for no reason / occasion

Week 4 – Read a Pregnancy book and find out what’s happening week to week.

Week 5 – Clean the house

Week 6 – Buy / cook her favorite dinner

Week 7 – Buy presents for your wife and baby

Week 8 – Take care of your pets (dog, cats, etc) of its food, litter box and etc.

Week 9 – Try to attend her monthly check up doctor together

Week 10 – Consult your wife’s doctor on sex during pregnancy

Week 11 – Be more patience and tolerate her morning sickness, headaches, bigger waistline and bad mood since pregnancy is a miracle.

Week 12 – Record/hear your baby’s heart beat during this month’s visit.

Week 13 – Do some regular exercise like walking or swimming. Consult first with her doctor.

Week 14 – If you are out of town, call at least 2-3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner, before sleep).

Week 15 – Ask your friends or family members to check your wife and always available when help needed – if you are out of town.

Week 16 – Share your thoughts with your wife on your wife’s or baby’s health, what to do in labor room, being a good father?

Week 17 – Offer massages (head, back and foot) for your partner.

Week 18 – Offer to do dry cleaning and take her car to car wash.

Week 19 – Try to take time off from work and spend some time with your partner planning on pregnancy and preparations of giving birth.

Week 20 – Try to attend ultrasound examinations to see your baby.

Week 21- Try to pick a list of names for your baby.

Week 22 – Try to bring your car slowly and you can change your partner’s car to any car that she feels comfortable.

Week 23 – Father’s pregnancy symptoms (study shows 50% of all father face this). During this period, father may have nausea, weight gain and desires for certain foods.

Week 24 – Register for pre-natal classes. The best time to take this class is at least 1 month before your baby due.

Week 25 – Offer to do the shopping or follow your partner to carry her purchases.

Week 26 – During this period, your partner may not be very attractive. Bring her out for movie or dinner and tell her “You’re beautiful”

Week 27 – Clean the toilet and bathtub

Week 28 – You can feel the baby movement by placing your hand on your partner’s abdomen.

Week 29 – Make arrangement for your time-off after baby delivery. Start submitting all the paper works at your workplace.

Week 30 – Trimester of pregnancy. Father should be spending more time than ever during this period. Try not to commit on any travel if you wish to welcome your baby at present to this world.

Week 31 – Time to purchase for baby’s equipments; car seat, cribs, etc.

Week 32 – Together with your wife, make a list of phone numbers (your workplace, partner’s workplace, hospital, doctor’s office, back-up driver, baby-sitter, and others) and keep in your wallet.

Week 33 – Clean your home and make it safer for your baby; pets, furniture, dusts, etc.

Week 34 – Pre-register at the hospital to save time on inconvenience during giving birth.

Week 35 – Ask your doctor about father’s role during pregnancy, like video recording and cutting the cord.

Week 36 – Start packing – Magazines, phone numbers, clothes, camera, new battery, snacks, hand phone reload cards, insurance information, pillows and extra cash.

Week 37 – Carry hand phone and make sure it is always switch on with high volume or in vibrating mode whenever outside. Make sure to call your wife every few hours once and make sure everything is in order.

Week 38 – Ask your partner, is there anything special to bring for her to hospital like music players or etc.

Week 39 – Discuss on who you want to be in labor’s room during delivery (parents, friends, etc)

Week 40 – Discuss on maintaining privacy after delivery as the mother needs rest. Don’t make the ward crowded with your contacts.

Week 41 – Overdue!!!

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