Thursday, November 22, 2007

Nutrition before Pregnancy

By planning in advance, you will be sure that your baby has healthy surroundings for the full 9 months of pregnancy. Once you make your nutrition plan, its shows that you are organizing the environment in which your baby will be conceived, develop and grow. Below are the crucial details that need your attention.

- Weight Management
Make sure you are not too overweight or too underweight. Either situation can make pregnancy more difficult for you. Strictly no “DIET “while you try to get conceive. Do not take any diet pills unless you consult with your physician first. Dieting may cause temporary insufficiencies in vitamins and minerals for both you and your developing baby need.

- Be careful with Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs
Don’t eat big amounts or unusual combinations of vitamins, minerals or herbs. In ex: Excessive amounts of Vitamin A can cause birth defects. Stop all extra supplementation at least 3 months before pregnancy. Take 1 Multivitamin and eat a well-balanced diet.

- Folic Acid
Is a B vitamin (B9) that contributes to a fit pregnancy? 0.4mg of folic acid should be taken starting from 3-4 months before pregnancy to protect the developing baby from various birth defects of spine and brain called neural-tube defects. A defect called spina-bifida which grows in first few weeks of pregnancy troubles 4000 babies in US every year. Studies have shown that this can be prevented by mother-to-be consuming folic acid.

- Begin Good Eating Habits
Many women out there don’t really pay attention to what they eat on her pre-pregnancy. Balance is the key to good nutrition. Eat a balanced diet. Excessive amounts of vitamins or exaggerated diet can be harmful to you and your growing baby.

- Specific Considerations
Whether you follow a vegetarian diet, amount of exercise you do, do u skip meals, are you trying to loose or gain weight are the specific factors that need to be consider before you conceive. Extreme diets can be harmful to a growing baby so its advisable for you to discuss your dieting chart with your doctor ahead. This is to avoid malnourished caused by dieting when you are pregnant.

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