Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pregnancy After 35

In this fast moving and challenging world, most women don’t get married. In Singapore, women prefer to stay single than getting married. Most common reason of why late marriages and pregnancy is that they want to establish their career. Below is the brief risk of getting pregnant after 35:

- Down syndrome baby

- High blood pressure

- Twins, Triplets or more births

- High pelvic pressure

- Cesarean delivery

- Placental abruption

- Bleeding

- Premature baby

- Other abnormal problems

Not only the above problems, if you planning to get pregnant after 35. You will face difficulties to conceive at age 40 compared to 20.


VampireXxX said...

Hi, nice blog. Anyway already put your link in mine at cooking is easy =)

Nijawife said...

what then happen to women giving birth at very advance age,say50+

Merqury said...

nijawife.. im not sure.. one of my aunt gave birth at 48.. she was lucky.. nothing wrong with the child