Monday, December 10, 2007

2 Month Old Baby

Characteristic and Suggested Activities for 2 Months Old Baby


- He will smile at you briefly

- Make eye to eye contact

- He will try to search for sounds with his eyes

- He can lift his head momentarily when he is placed on his stomach.

- Some of the times, his hands are held open.

Suggested activities:

- Hold your baby up so that he can see more of his environments.

- Gently tickle or massage your baby’s hand and feet.

- Soft material of different textures can be gently stroke to his skin.

- A mobile can be placed in his bed.

- Your fingers or toys can be moved in and out of his line of vision.

- By making various exaggerated facial expressions can awake his interest.

- By placing brightly colored toys in front of him when lying of his stomach can encourage him to lift his head.

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