Monday, March 31, 2008

10 Month Old Baby


- Tries to pick up small things.

- Likes to poke fingers into holes.

- Walks by holding onto furniture.

- Crawls on hands and knees.

- Gives affection, returns kiss or hugs.

- Shakes his head to indicate “NO”

- He can change positions from sitting to lying down and vice versa.

Suggested activities:

- Play games and sing songs with actions.

- Show him how to put in and take out small objects from a container.

- Let him pick up toys. When he lets go, encourage him to pick up the toy again.

- Set aside a quiet time each day such as bedtime for reading by choosing a soft baby books with large bright illustrations.

- Put your baby on his hands and knees and sit a short distance away. Encourage him to come to you by calling his name. For each achievement, reward him with a hug.

- Encourage him to throw a soft ball.

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