Thursday, March 13, 2008

4 Month Old Baby


- He laughs squeals, coos and gurgles.

- He smiles at peoples and knows members of the family.

- He attempts to roll from his back on to his stomach

- He shows interest in new sounds, toys, places and people.

- He is able to bring his hands together and look at them.

- He can grasp a ring or a cube when given.

Suggested activities:

- A wide range of toys differing in sizes, textures and shapes can be provided.

- Place toys in front of him and encourage him to reach out.

- Encourage rolling over by moving colorful toys from one side to the other.

- Make exaggerated facial expressions and gestures.

- Place your baby on a large, firm inflatable ball and while supporting him, roll him to and fro and from side to side.

- Make eye contact as often as possible.

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