Sunday, March 16, 2008

5 Month Old Baby


- He puts everything in his mouth.

- He has a good head control by now.

- He likes to pull his feet up and plays with his toes.

- He reacts appropriately to a smiling or angry face, and to a happy or angry voice.

- By living forward on his hands, he can sit with support momentarily.

- To attract your attention, he will move his arms or legs.

Suggested activities:

- Put a small object in his hand, then open his fingers and let it drop.

- Use his name whenever you can.

- Hold his feet and make gentle cycling movements when he is lying on his back.

- Make his bath time enjoyable with bath toys.

- By playing touching games, you can encourage his physical contact.

- To encourage your child to search for your face and voice, play “chak” or “peek-a-boo”.

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