Sunday, March 23, 2008

7 Month Old Baby


- An object can be transferred easily from one hand to the other.

- He bites and chews toys or biscuits.

- When held standing, he likes to bounce on his both feet.

- He is able to creep (pull him self forward by moving his arm together and dragging his legs and stomach along the floor)

Suggested activities:

- Introduce colorful pictures.

- Repeat all sounds that your baby makes like “ba”, “da”, “ma” and etc. Make new sounds and wait for him to response.

- Encourage your baby to stand by support.

- Offer your child some toys just out of reach to get him to reach out while he is lying down or seated.

- To gain a concept of self, show your baby of his reflection in a mirror and say his name.


dyosa said...

your site is really informative. although i don't have a baby yet, i have friends who just gave birth. i'm going to give them this URL so they can also read up. thanks for all the helpful info! :-)

KY said...

wait... wait... no baby yet

shaxx said...

can't fins a shout box so thanks for the visit :)

Merqury said...

thanks for the intro.

when you want to get a baby? mmm probably a babe first.. hehe.. just joking...

thanks for your visit and shout box