Tuesday, March 25, 2008

8 Month Old Baby


- Stretches out and reaches for toys out of reach.

- Looks around for a dropped toy.

- Rolls over and sits up with good control.

- Can play with two toys at a time.

- Begins to understand the meaning of words and knows what “NO” means.

- Babbles repetitively syllables, example: “MAMA”, “GAGA”, “BABA”, “DADA” and etc.

- Pulls string to get a toy.

Suggested activities:

- Put a small piece of cloth over his face and praise him when he removes it.

- Play water games during bath time.

- Give him non-breakable plastic jars and cups that he can use to pour, empty and fill.

- To encourage him to turn sideways, place a toy to the side or behind while he is sitting.

- To encourage him to point to a picture, show pictures of common objects.

- Reach your arms out to him and sit a short distance away from your baby. Offer a toy that he likes to encourage him to come to you by calling his name. (to motivate him to crawl or creek)


Cathie Laviys said...

Cute! What a pleasant blog. Babies really can bring smiles & joy to one's life, ay?
My 10-mth-old just got his first 2 teeth. Haha! I knw tht's late.
Thanks for 'hoping' by my blog.;)

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dru said...

elow there, im doing fine... great blog for new mother... take care ^_^

Ah-Bong said...

omg! ur blog is so cuuuuuuutee! :D