Friday, March 28, 2008

9 Month Old Baby


- He picks up small things with all his fingers.

- He can sit unsupported, lean forward or sideways and stay balanced.

- He claps his hand in imitation.

- By holding onto something firm, he tries to pull himself up to stand.

- He begins to be shy and afraid of strangers.

Suggested activities:

- Show him books with colorful pictures of animal, common household objects and etc.

- Play pointing games and ask questions like “Where is papa?” or “Where is mama?”

- By holding onto stable pieces of furniture, you are encouraging him to stand.

- Show your baby how to stack different colored blocks of the same size.

- Impress day to day routines like meal time, bedtime on your baby. For example, when you are feeding him, tell him “It’s lunch time”, what he is eating “Your favorite porridge”, etc.

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