Sunday, March 9, 2008

Baby Choking

The baby is very sensitive and can be easily get choked.

We treat choking different way than CPR but, when you take CPR course, they will also teach on how to handle choking on adults. Please request from your instructor to teach you how to handle choking for babies.

Babies can get choking and can stop breathing if any of these below done excessively and for longer period of time:

- Laughing loud

- Crying hard

- Drinking milk

If you notice, the above 3 actions are the main work for the baby other than sleeping. Yes, it is so dangerous to take care of a baby and any caretaker must be experienced or certified on how to handle choking cases.

How you recognize baby choking?

Babies will get choking only when they excessively doing the 3 things above. So, you can notice the baby suddenly looks like sleeping in just few seconds of crying out loud. Or, when drinking milk, he will cough hard and immediately looks like sleeping. First, try to wake him up, if there is no response, performs begin tapping and call for help.

Check out the illustrated picture on how to tap the baby. For proper learning experience, please consult your doctor or any CPR institutions.

If you have taken CPR certificate earlier, please check it is not more than 2 year. If it is, then please renew it.

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Shamiila said...

Hi, This is good info to educate our new mothers because they must always be ready for an unexpected situation. Good Job!